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Sometimes to start opening a business we have to know what type of business we want to do. Fear of failure so we think twice about opening a business. Opening an individual business will certainly cost us a lot of money. The types of costs that continue to increase so that they have not even started yet are exhausted. But what about opening a business together with friends?

Opening a business with friends can certainly help reduce the costs of starting a business. To open a business withfriends we have to find friends who have the same thoughts and are compatible in every way. If you get a match and understand each other, it will make it easier to open a joint business.

Choose to open withfriends or individually

Chutewp – Opening a business with friends can help reduce costs and support each other. But in the business world, you don’t see them as friends or family because in the business world these things usually become enemies or enemies in a business. Therefore, if you all want to open a business with friends, try to think about it from every side so that later there will be no hostility and friendship breakups due to misunderstandings.

In order to avoid a big problem, we can apply a few things with friends when we want to open a business together. The right way or step to open a business with friends is as follows:

can distinguish the atmosphere//friends

– When opening a business, distinguish between personal matters and work matters

We must be professional at work. Because when we decide to open a business with friends, let’s do personal business at home and don’t mix every problem with work. Even though they have been friends for a long time and know each other, that doesn’t mean every problem can be mixed. So you have to be able to distinguish between personal and work matters.

– Vision and mission

Building a business we must know where the goal is. If you want to be more successful and advanced you must have the same mission and vision as your friends so that there are no mistakes in starting a business.

– Business profit

Because opening a business with friends, you must be able to share these profits with your friends. Everyone will provide benefits to their partners so that cooperation can continue to be established from every benefit that can be obtained. Discuss with friends about profit sharing so that every time you give a profit there is no error in calculating.

– Task

If you open an individual business, you will automatically do everything yourself without any help from friends. Even if there are friends, they only help in organizing things or can also organize things so they don’t fall apart. When doing business with friends, we must be able to distinguish between personal and work matters.

for the task fairly should not choose each other’s work. Because if we choose – choose will happen which is called selfishness in work. So you have to make a benchmark or task details that must be equal and balanced.

– Determine leadership

Opening a business, of course, we will be the boss when we start our own business. But what about opening a business with friends. Seeing 2 people working with each other makes people not know who’s the boss? If in the business world the boss is the person who makes a large investment or who invests a large amount of capital who will be the boss. But that’s if in the world of big business.

IIn the business world can be run together. Of course we will be confused about who is suitable to be the boss. So how to determine the boss can be from work experience. Or it could also have a firm attitude and a strong leadership spirit to be a boss. To make a decision must be together

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