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One Way Line

One Way On Traffic

Eid is something that many people look forward to. Many people go home to celebrate Eid in their hometown. Various types of vehicles roaming along the road. When going home, many people choose toll roads. Traveling by toll road makes it easier for travelers to traverse without any obstacles. However, during Lebaran homecoming, there will be a one way line route.

One way traffic is a traffic rule with one direction. One way traffic is applied on all toll roads. The purpose of the one way is to prevent traffic jams. The one way system is always applied when going home and going back for Eid. So many people are doing homecoming and going home for Eid.

One-way system is run

Chutewp – Those from the police who know about traffic jams on the homecoming and return flows apply a one-way traffic system. Various toll road points and several roads have implemented a one-way traffic system. Many think that the one way system is just an engineering that will not be applied directly by some traffic guards.

It turned out that the police had already implemented it. The implementation of one way traffic makes it easy for many people to access toll roads. No longer experiencing traffic jams, you can easily get to where you want to go. You don’t have to wait any longer to carry out the homecoming and return flows for Eid.

One Way
easy steps with one direction // One Way

The first step before there is a one way line direction

Before one-way traffic was implemented, many steps were usually taken by travelers, whether they were returning or going home. Most homecomers who return home will make a return trip by returning home early so as not to experience traffic jams.

By making the return flow home early, the road can be passed safely and comfortably. However, this is still inefficient because even though they have carried out the return flow earlier, it turns out that many people have done this stage so that they experience traffic jams.

Check one way by going through google

However, not all return home early experiencing congestion, only on certain roads that experience congestion. People who want to go home can see news about traffic. A lot of news is always broadcast so that travelers can be alert in the return trip of Eid. Not only seeing traffic news but also being able to see the schedule of vehicle density through the Google application. With google maps you can already see the route of the trip. To find out the schedule and traffic density, you can open google maps

One way traffic is applied with an odd and even system.

long traffic jams will no longer exist. The implementation of even and odd one-way means all trips are jam-free. This is implemented with the aim of preventing the occurrence of severe traffic jams around the backflow and homecoming flows. To make a comfortable homecoming, the public can also check the one-way schedule via Google.

By checking through Google, people can find out when one-way odd-even traffic is operational and on which roads travelers can pass. By looking at Google, travelers can also see travel routes with only internet capital, they can access Google as much as they want.